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The new standard in event participant communication.

How it works

  • Participants and their families text a code to a number. The code can be the name of your venue or association, whatever you want.. ie.. BUBBA RACE ROUND 1
  • Participants then receive a custom automated Welcome Message letting them know they are logged in and will now receive any updates, weather delays or schedule changes directly to their phone. Participants will automatically receive a custom menu that they can access giving them a schedule of each day's events, race order or whatever information you would like them to initially receive.
  • Event Director now has direct communication with each and every person who has texted in.


  • No more miscommunication or rumors. Everyone receives information directly from the source.
  • No more crinkled up pieces of paper, schedule, practice and start orders are all stored on your phone in an easy to access text message.
  • Event Results can be sent out via a quick picture from a cell phone. No more huddling around a piece of paper.
  • Messaging can be pre-programmed to send out at specific times if needed.
  • Sponsor ads or or promotional products advertisements can be attached to messages... Does your organization sell t-shirts or food at your events?
  • NO APPS to download; our technology is all based on Text Messaging.

† Free Events are subject to approval by Free Events are limited to 400 participants and must comply with our Terms of Service. If your event has more than 400 participants, please contact us to discuss options for a discounted event.

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